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Year-round fiestas and events in, or close to, Vejer de la Frontera

As we think you’d agree, Vejer de la Frontera is stunning. Its history and culture are rich, its beaches wide and unspoilt, its dining experiences unmatched, and its activities full of adrenalin-pumping fun or blissful relaxation. But that’s not all. Stay in a Casa Cooper holiday home, (anytime of the year) and experience our festivals, carnivals, and events.

Sunshine Tour White Horse.jpg

The Sunshine Tour

February 8—March 27

Casa Cooper properties are only 12-minutes from Europe’s biggest equestrian winter competition.

Semana Santa Procession.jpeg

Semana Santa {Holy Week}

April 13—15

Bands follow the Pasos, (the platform that carry the religious sculptures) held by 50 plus people through Vejer’s winding streets.


Virgen de la Oliva Procession 

May 7

Following the Easter celebrations, the Virgin is carried down the hill to the Sanctuary of La Oliva.

Candle Festival.jpg

Noche de Velas 

June 4

Vejer turns off its lights and illuminates its plazas, streets and balconies with candles. Don't miss this enchanting night.

Cabo De Plata_edited.jpg

Cabo De Plata Music Festival

July 20—23

Barbate's annual urban music festival features a fusion of Spanish rock, flamenco pop, reggae, and hip hop.

Grape Festival_edited.jpg

Jerez Grape Harvest Festival 


A celebration of Jerez' culture: wine, sherry, horses and flamenco. Expect, dancing, music and parades.

Spanish show jumping championships.jpg

Spanish Jumping Championship

October 5—9

Watch amateurs and top-level professionals compete in the Spanish Showjumping Championship.

Cadiz Carnival Float_edited.jpg

Cadiz Carnival 

February 26—March 6

One of the largest carnivals in Spain. Expect music-filled streets, humour, food, and amazing  costumes.

flamenco Feria.jpg

Feria de Primavera 

Apr 27—May 1

Held in La Noria, this Spanish fiesta welcomes spring. Traditional food, music, dance, horseback displays, and kid’s events.

Jerez horse Festival.jpg

Jerez Horse Festival 

May 7—14

This famous fiesta celebrates all things equine by day, and, being Jerez, sherry and flamenco by night.

Candela de San Juan.jpg

Candela de San Juan

June 23

Celebrating the arrival of summer, this La Noria-based festival, sees the burning of straw dolls or ‘Juanitos y Juanitas’ and parties till dawn.

Flamenco Balcony.jpg

Flamenco on the Balconies


Every Thursday during July. Find a restaurant or cafe, sit back, look up, and enjoy free flamenco being performed on Vejer's balconies.

Car Race.jpg

Subida Automovilística 


The uphill rally up the curving roads to Vejer requires nerves of steel. It’s far safer for ‘La Subida’s spectators.

Sunshnie Tour October.jpg

October Sunshine Tour

October 13—30

With the weather at its absolute finest, it's little wonder that The Sunshine Tour is returning to Vejer in the Autumn.

Vejer Carnival_edited.jpg

Vejer Carnival 

March 4—13

A magical time in Vejer. Costumes, music and song, parades, horse shows. food, drink, and kid's events.

Grand Prix use.jpg

Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix 

Apr 29—May 1

Get your motors running. Jerez hosts both the Spanish and the Andalusian Grand Prixs over consecutive weekends.

Flower competition 2.jpeg

Week of Patios

Mid May

Vejeriegos vie for the prize of most beautiful courtyard each year and you get the chance to visit them all.

Jazz Fest.jpg

Vejer Jazz

July 7—9

Vejer de la Frontera moves to the beat of jazz, with music ringing out from balconies and battlements, restaurants, and rooftops.

Flamenco Vejer_edited.jpg

Vejer Flamenco Festival

September 1—4

Only just announced. Details to follow


Día del Lomo en Manteca_edited.jpg

Day of the Pork in Manteca 


Join in this food festival against the walls of Segur, celebrating a much-loved, local pork speciality.  

Belén Viviente Vejer.jpg

Belén Viviente 


Put yourself in the mood for Christmas as 200 extras enact this living nativity through the streets of Vejer.

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